DIY – Purple Mickey Mouse Headband by Lisa


Hi!  My name is Lisa.  When my oldest daughter was younger, I always made cute little bows to match her outfits; she had tons of hair accessories with ribbons, feathers & flowers. She’s 17 now but I have a 3 year old daughter for whom to make hair accessories! My little Taryn loves pinks & purples. Since she tends to wear those colors often, I decided to make a purple headband for her to wear with one of her favorite characters- Mickey Mouse!

Supplies needed:
-low temp glue gun
-glue sticks

Supplies from
-4 inch Satin Pinwheel Flower
-1 ¼ inch Resin Rhinestone Mickey Mouse
-Feather Pad
-Satin Covered Plastic Headband
-1 inch Felt Circle


1. Glue feather to felt circle: Start with the felt circle and glue the back of the feather to edge of felt circle as shown.
2. Glue Mickey to flower: Glue the rhinestone Mickey Mouse to the center of the pinwheel flower.
3. Glue flower to feather: Now you need to decide at which angle you want your feather in comparison to the rhinestone Mickey Mouse. A few ways that would look cute are- parallel to the Mickey Mouse rhinestone, perpendicular to the Mickey Mouse or at a 45 degree angle to the Mickey Mouse rhinestone. I chose to attach mine at a 45 degree angle. And no, I didn’t pull out a ruler, I just eyeballed it.
4. Glue flower and feather to headband: Place flower- feather assembly on the headband to determine placement. Once you are satisfied with the location, flip the flower-feather assembly over and glue in place.

02182013_3Your new headband is now ready to show off!

Love this accessory and want to make one of your own? 

Purchase all 5 pieces for only $7.25 + s&h by visiting – you choose the color of the flower, feather, Mickey and headband!  You can find the direct link here: Lisa’s Purple Mickey Mouse Headband Pack

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